Habitat for Humanity Global Village 2015 – Costa Rica

In May of 2015, Jen traveled to Costa Rica with Habitat for Humanity Global Village to help build a home for a family in need.

Costa Rica has a population of 4.5 million, and about 1.25 million of those people live in poverty. Habitat’s mission is to provide everyone with a decent place to live.

Jen traveled to a village in a region called Nicoya, where she met the family that she would be building a home for; the mother, Heilin (age 21), and her two daughters Brittany (age 7) and Brianna (age 2). Heilin became a single mother at age 15. She is currently taking computer classes so that she can work as a secretary. Currently Heilin and her daughters live with family members. There are 8 of them living in a tiny house, and it’s very crowded. Soon Heilin, Brittany, and Brianna will have a home of their own.

Jen and her teammates spent the week building the home’s foundation, walls, and septic system. Over the next three weeks the home will be completed by other Habitat volunteers.

These are some favorite photos from the trip.


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