American YouthWorks (AYW) is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Austin, Texas that is dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youth through education, service and green jobs training. AYW operates a public charter high school, a GED program, and green jobs training and service programs: Casa Verde Builders, Environmental Corps, Computer Corps, and Green Energy Corps. For more than thirty years, American YouthWorks has assisted thousands of local youth in transforming their lives through community
service, education, and a commitment to preserving the natural environment.

To date, AYW has built 87 houses in our community; approximately 3 per year. Each house is constructed by youths who participate in the Casa Verde Builders program in order to earn GED/ HSD degree/ certificate.

Currently the houses are sold for $125,000 with approximately $85,000 material costs and approximately $25,000 land cost.